We have capability for a prompt response whenever and wherever our service is requested. We are commitment to offer solutions based on a high technical skill, independence and objectivity, fast response and a confidence-based relationship. We regularly provide expert assessment on a wide range of surveys, including, but not limited, the following services:

  • Hull and Machinery Damage
  • Collisions and groundings
  • General Average
  • General condition Polls
  • Job Loss
  • On / Off Hire Surveys hire.
  • Contamination / Pollution
  • Project cargo State Polls
  • Watertight Hatch cover inspections
  • Salvage and disposal of wreckage
  • Negotiating repair bills
  • Approval Trailer
  • Underwater Surveys
  • Yacht Condition and Damage Surveys

Our office, based in the city of Algeciras, is located in one of the main arteries of international marine traffic, The Straight of Gibraltar that due its strategic situation is a regular port of call for numerous vessels, not only for cargo operations, but also for provisioning and sheltering.


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